Betel Nut Beauty (美麗的西施)

November 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Why do you sit there all day
Being gawked at by strangers
Attracting stares from the
Curious, bored, and the 好色
More interesting than seeing a
Foreigner on the street are you
O 西施

What is it that you say
When 客人 come your way
As I ride, walk or drive away
and wonder if in your mind
You’re berating or scorning
Or only performing for
an adoring audience
Do you bow as they go
O 西施?

Where did you ever end up
Patting babes as they hiccup
Or heading up a corporation?
Whether mopping floors
Or hosting doors I’m sure
You still walk with grace
Only the sly, knowing
Smile on your face
Gives you away
O 西施


© Joshua Owens


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