Sonnet: 12/08/2012 (For how long?)

December 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

For how long must I seek my poet’s voice
How long will you sit on your throne of bone –
(And would you change yourself if you had the choice?) –
So cold, so high, so desperately alone?
No more alone that me, this much is true
Though I didn’t get that way ’cause I chose to
It boils down to a love that’s weak and frail
Eat bread and live, but what if it’s gone stale?
Perhaps one day you’ll really go and find
Someone who fits the picture in your mind
Not tall, not short, not mean or nice or fat
Not skinny, happy, sad or things like that
He’ll think and do things just as you prefer,
Won’t see your issues, always will concur.
© Joshua Owens


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