North Korea

December 20, 2012 § 5 Comments

Don’t hate me for proceeding from the North –
Korea, where the lies are driven forth
onto us from the very day of birth
then hammered, bludgeoned, wheedled till we’re dead
The propaganda floats inside our head
But we all know exactly what it’s worth
Don’t hate before you stop to scrutinize
Hypocrisy that spills out of your eyes
You say our power lies in hands of few
Whereas democracy is tried and true
Then, if I asked, what would be your reply:
What need is there Wall Street to occupy?
At least I’m not believing the mirage
That we’ll soon vanquish wolves in camouflage

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Handwritten original

© 08/2012, Joshua Owens


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§ 5 Responses to North Korea

  • I don’t think many of us here hate North Korean citizens. We know they are being brainwashed with sickening amounts of propaganda. Many pity them.

  • neosonnetry says:

    Thanks for your feedback, misanthropic muse~
    I definitely hope you’re in the right about the majority of people not feeling that way. As for my part, perhaps I encounter more than my fair share of those who seem to believe that if a leader is crazy then the everyday citizens of that country must be too.
    As a side note, the word “hate” as I use it in this poem is probably closer to the meaning of “look down on/disdain” than “abhor/loathe”.

  • hypercryptical says:

    You are a true poet.

    I do not think anyone hates North Korea or its people in this country (UK). I think perhaps our government is fearful of its nuclear weapons and its potential to well, maybe direct a missile who knows where and then…

    This country too is rife with government sponsored propaganda and increasing cctv surveillance ‘for our safety’ and we blithely let it happen as we are under the mistaken that we live in a democracy…we vote them in on the back of their empty promises and they do want they want.

    Anna :o]

    • neosonnetry says:

      Thanks for your high praise, Anna, I’m flattered~

      Yeah, thankfully I live in a relatively rural area, so I don’t have the crowded feeling of being constantly under surveillance that you were describing as prevalent in the UK. Even so, the weight of the government’s presence in our everyday lives (take for example the restaurant health inspectors that arbitrarily give scores to restaurants which can suffer greatly if a bad score is given) feels as if it’s becoming heavier on our backs each day. We have our own forms of propaganda (such as patriotic country music and White House press conference footage and the host of media coverage associated with the conflicts in the Middle East), admittedly subtler than the methods employed in North Korea, but propaganda nonetheless.

      For me, a true poet is one who can address such issues in verse in a way that means something to everyone.

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